January 26, 2022

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Keep packaging Designs Simple with custom Pillow Boxes

custom pillow boxes

Simplicity – Is the key towards your success. Design is an art, it’s creativity on your boxes that shows the worth of your brand and makes your product known to the public. As you know, most people do not like over designing because it creates a mess and makes the customer panic. If you talk about custom pillow boxes – a unique box style, so you have to design it simply because pillow boxes are attractive. A simple box exerts a good impression on the customer instead of the massive design on the boxes.

Pillow boxes are used for many different purposes, in customization, you can design it according to your desire and need. There are different manufacturing materials used in the manufacturing of pillow boxes according to the usage of the box. For example, you are using pillow boxes for the soap packaging so that you can use Kraft boxes, but if you want to ship something to another location, corrugated boxes are used. 

Few Customization

Customization is the process of designing your pillow boxes more attractive. In this way, if you do not print lots of designs on your boxes, this will give your boxes a professional and perfect look. Few customizations can also reduce the cost of boxes because of less printing. So it’s beneficial for you to use custom pillow boxes with less design. 

Simple with Transparent Front Wall

Use the transparent packaging of your pillow boxes. This is less expensive and increases the recognition of your product. Customers can easily buy your product because they are satisfied by looking at your actual product. In this way, you are providing an opportunity to choose the product by looking at the actual product through a transparent front wall instead of opening your product packaging and d-shape your custom pillow boxes. 

Use Greeting Cards

Using greeting cards is an excellent option for your branding and developing customer trust in you. You can add greeting cards in your custom pillow boxes and say thanks to your customer for choosing your product and many other greetings or wishes inside the boxes. If you add greeting cards, customers will trust you that you are paying attention to them. 

Go for Different Colors

As you know, colors are the best communication tool. It can provide a look to your boxes, and according to your packaging color, it will tell your brand’s worth and story. Colors can help you to respond to your surroundings. In this way, decide an attractive color for your custom pillow boxes. If you are designing simple packaging, then it is preferred to use a single color for your packaging to keep it professional. 

Know the Occasion

On the occasions, you have an opportunity to engage more customers by customizing your pillow boxes and adding occasions in designs on it. For example, on Christmas, you have printed Christmas designs on the custom pillow boxes, this will exert a positive impact on customers on your brand because you are there in their happiness as well as sadness. Similarly, on independence day, you print flags on the pillow boxes that will show the customer that you are also a patriot of your country. 

Try the Dark Mode

In the dark mode, you can use dark colors like black to make it aesthetic. this, the person who loves aesthetics will happily buy your product because of your pillow boxes. In this way, this will provide a unique and bold look to your boxes. On dark pillow boxes, foiling will provide a charming and eye-catching look. The matte coating can also help in enhancing the box look and provide your box a smooth, less shiny surface. 

Add Ribbons

On the simple pillow boxes, if you add or tie a ribbon on the boxes just like a necktie, this will give an attractive look to your custom pillow boxes. In this way, choose the best contrast of your pillow boxes and ribbons. Tie ribbons around the pillow boxes can also be used as a gift because of their charming decoration. 

Add Different Shape Windows

Customization gives you the full exemption to design your custom packaging. In this way, you can use any add-ons in your packaging, like coatings and die-cut windows. You can die-cut your pillow boxes in any shape that you want and suit your product. If you don’t want to use transparent packaging, this is an attractive and alternative option for your custom pillow boxes. In the same way, it will help the customers and show your product inside the box. 

Pillow shape boxes for gifts

You can insert many things into your pillow boxes to give these boxes to your loved ones. Furthermore, you can also use them on many events like birthdays, marriages, etc. You can add different gifts to make your audience happy. Additionally, these custom pillow boxes can also be used as graduation gifts. You can design these boxes according to your need and print logos, names, or anything that you want to print on them. 


There are a variety of designs and styles for the custom pillow boxes, you can choose any and use them for many purposes but remember that always try to design a box simply in a great way that will impress others.