Save More Using These Top Money Saving Apps

Saving money can seem a little difficult at times, but it is necessary to have cash safe in your pocket, so that you can sail through the rainy days or purchase the list of things you want to buy or utilize it however you like.

Are you struggling to save some amount? Or are you looking for ways to save money every time you swipe your cards? We have got you all covered to help you manage your expenses. We have found out some of the best apps for you that are accessible on both Android and iOS and are very easy to use. Most of these apps don’t have any in-app purchases. These will help you track your bills and bring you valuable offers.

Following are some of our top picks:


It keeps a record of the FDIC-insured savings account and debit card for transaction safety. You can start saving on this app by setting ten percent of your monthly pay-checks aside if you deposit your pay-check on this app. You can also track your expenditure and savings without paying any draft and foreign transaction.

This app helps you to save money every time you go to your favourite store and pay for your groceries. Based on your recorded purchases on the app, you get exciting coupons that you can avail in your next purchase and save money. Link your loyalty card to this app to get the offers. In case your store doesn’t offer any loyalty card, you can upload the receipt of your purchase on the app and redeem coupons.


This app records your income and expenditure, and then informs you about the amount you can save every month. Not just that, it also saves money on your behalf and keeps them safe in an FDIC-secured digital account. This app regularly checks your expenditure to keep your savings updated. You also get a one percent saving bonus after three months on the basis of the amount you have in your Digit account.


This app keeps all your accounts in one place and tracks them separately. You can also see your financial picture and keep track of the amount you spend. Along with reminding you about your due bills, it helps you pay the bills and give you a credit score. The multi-factor authentication system keeps your account safe and secure.


This app lets you know about the going deals and offers on your favourite restaurants and stores. It also gives you coupons that you can use at the restaurants while checking out by providing the coupons the scan code at the end. With the alert feature, you get notified every time any shop has any new apps.  


This app records your transactions from credit and debit cards and rounds up the amount, and the difference amount is transferred directly to your Acorns account. Your money is, then, invested in Acorn’s exchange traded-fund. You have to pay monthly if your account has any amount below $5,000. The college students have the advantage that they won’t have to pay anything to keep their accounts on this app. But the time periods of having this advantage is limited to for months only.


It is a great app that lets you earn money anytime, anywhere. This app pays you money to watch shows and play games. You get points to test your knowledge related to TV. These points earn you money that you can make the best use of at any store.  


This app lets you know about the latest events in your city and lets you purchase tickets to the events at an affordable price. This app enables you to know about concerts, shows, etc. It allows you to read reviews from the people who have been to those places and can also filter out the location and other things to meet your requirements.


This app comes handy when you are traveling as it lets you get the best deals on hotels. It also shows you the price difference in the hotels by comparing it with the price that other booking sites offer. You can also read reviews, get discounts on hotels, and filter hotels based on rating, services, etc.


This is a travel-friendly app as it helps you to find flights with the lowest price possible. You can book your flights within sixty seconds so that you don’t miss out on any special offers. It also predicts the price fluctuations of the flight and finds you the best dates to travel. 

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