How to Play YouTube in Background on Android Phones

The quick growth of the entertainment industry has led to the emergence of numerous Music and video streaming apps. However, even with thousands of such apps floating on the internet, it is YouTube that arguably takes the crown for being the best streaming platform.

It is still one of the most streaming application worldwide simple because of the abundance of videos available on the platform. YouTube lets people listen to their favourite artists, videos, and creators as well.  It also has a massive library of music videos, entertainment video, movies, live performance, etc.

However, the lack of background accessibility is a feature that kills off its hype. Yes, you can try YouTube Premium, but it is nevertheless a paid version. Although you are not unlucky because of your Android phones as if you wish to play YouTube music videos, then it can be done.

In this blog, we will showcase some options to play YouTube videos in the background on Android devices.

METHOD 1: YouTube Premium

If you want to play YouTube video on your phone when your phone screen is off, then you need to use your debit or credit card to buy YouTube Subscription. YouTube Subscription provides a premium service where you can download an unlimited amount of videos to play offline. You merely need to pay $11.99 for a month, and you can also use your subscription on your phone and Desktop too.

Another huge benefit of YouTube Premium is the ad-free experience it provides. It does not matter what you are watching on YouTube and which device you are using. After purchasing subscription of YouTube premium, you can also free from Mid-video add and pre-roll. You can play offline your favourite video on your phone in HD.

METHOD 2: Picture-in-Picture

If you have an Android 8.0 Oreo version or a newer version, then you don’t need to buy YouTube premium subscription for playing background YouTube videos on Android. You can simply use PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode on your Smartphone or Android Phones. Google offers YouTube PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode in all the Android version released by 2018 and upper version of 8.1. While using PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode on your device, you can see the ad on your YouTube application while playing any video but you can leave your streaming video to do any other work on your device. You can also listen to YouTube videos while your phone screen turns off.

METHOD 3: Using Third-Party Browsers Application as Firefox

We can play YouTube mostly on Google chrome, but Google Chrome is not the sole browser used in Android phones. We can use several browsing application on the Android device by downloading and installing from the Google Play Store.  Here we will suggest you the Firefox browsing application because it is easy to download and popular web browser.

  1. Launch the application, and you can see the YouTube icon as the default installed on the browser first page.
  2. Simply tap on it and you will reach YouTube’s home page.
  3. Choose any song from the home page or search for it on the YouTube search bar.
  4. Now, change the home page of the YouTube from mobile version to desktop version.
  5. To turn it to the desktop version, hit the three dots appear on the top-right of your screen and tap on Request desktop site.

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