How to FixPCL XL Error on Windows 10

The PCL XL error message is one of the apparent printer errors on Windows 10 that occurs mostly while printing some documents. This issue appears on the HP LaserJet printer models while the user prints various materials at once. There are several causes of this error, be it the wrong configuration of the printer settings, corrupted or missing printer drivers, or badly managed Windows Settings.

Let’s fix the error message effortlessly. 

Method 1: Fix PCL XL via the Printer Troubleshooter

Here are some instructions to follow for fixing the PCL XL error message with the help of troubleshooter:

  1. On your computer, first of all, get to the home screen by pressing the Start + D keys at the same time.
  2. Once you are on the desktop screen, make sure to click on the Start menu button. 
  3. Head to the gear-like icon that indicates Settings to open the Settings. 
  4. Once the Settings windows appear, head to the Update & Security tile.
  5. Then, navigate to the Troubleshoot option on your left side menu.
  6. Find the printer that is causing trouble. 
  7. Make a click on that.
  8. Now it will expand, and you need to tap the option saying Run the Troubleshooter.
  9. Once you click that, you will see a new troubleshooting window, and it will begin scanning of the ongoing issues.
  10. The program will repair the ongoing problem or error message automatically if it finds your issue.
  11. If the error still exits, then jump to the next solution.

Method 2: Change Printer Settings

The invalid configuration of your printer settings can cause the PCL XL error message on your device. Now to fix the issue, see these instructions mentioned down here:

  1. In the home screen of your PC, click the Start menu button located on the bottom-left corner.
  2. Put in cp using the keyboard. 
  3. Then choose the Control Panel icon using the results.
  4. When the Control Panel appears, change the large icons to small icons.
  5. Then find and click the Devices and Printers icon. 
  6. In case you have used various printers with your computer, find the printer that is likely to cause the PCL XL error.
  7. Then right-click on that and the press the Printing Preferences. 
  8. Head to the Advanced option from the menu listed there.
  9. Go to the option saying TrueType Font.
  10. Make sure to select that option as Download as Soft font.
  11. Then, look for the option saying Send True Type as Bitmap. 
  12. Now make sure to tap on it and then select Enabled option.
  13. Hit the Apply and then process to OK button to save the current configuration.
  14. Reboot your device to see the effects. 

Method 3: Remove and Reinstall the Printer

  1. Press the Start + D keys simultaneously on your keyboard to get to the home screen.
  2. Then hit the Start + R keys on your keyboard to browse the Run program.
  3. Put in control and then hit Enter key to open the Control Panel. 
  4. Once you are inside the Control Panel application, head to Device and Printers. 
  5. Find the printer, which has most likely caused the PCL XL error. 
  6. Perform a right-click on that and then head to Delete.  In some devices, it may be mentioned as Remove Device, so choose it if you see this kind of option after right-clicking on the printer.
  7. Once the uninstallation is done, go to the support website of your computer and then download the printer software for your device.
  8. Install that software, and once done, reboot your device.
  9. The problem should disappear now.

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