How to Be Invisible in Discord

For gamers and online streamers, Discord is the most preferred social media platform to connect with their viewers. Every viewer wants to interact with the streamer they like, and Discord provides them the platform to do it. Anyone can make their profile on Discord. If you are a gamer and looking for raiding into the game, but don’t want anyone to know about it on your Discord, so there is a little feature available that you can try. This little feature does not quit from the Discord, but it makes you invisible, so no one able to see you even if you are logged. You don’t have to log out to keep up the piece from the chat server because the invisible feature could help you in this way.

Is Setting “Invisible” Status Necessary?

Well, if you want to be Discord keep up the pace of your game without getting disturbed from anyone from the chatbox, so yes, “Invisible” status is necessary for you. If you log out of the Discord account, then you might miss the necessary message or important call. However, “Invisible” is just like the DND feature that keeps you stay away from disturbance without logging out of your account.

If you are using Discord for a long time and familiar with Discord application, then you must know about the online indication colors side to the user’s Avatar. In Green, Yellow and Red light, you can show up about your online activity, whereas Green indicates Online, Yellow indicates Idle, Red indicate Do not Disturb, and the Grey indicates You’re not Online. If you tap on the grey icon, so it will represent you are offline and keep you Invisible.

The invisible feature is an eminent feature that can keep you and any other gamer who doesn’t want to get disturbed while playing the game. You will be updated with the conversation, but will not show you’re online.

Status on Discord

On Discord there is a total of four types of idle status icons available that represent the user in what condition you are in the current position. From Online to Do not Disturb and Invisible status mode, other users get to know if it’s the right time for interaction. When you keep opening your “Online” status, it means that you are available for having a conversation. If you are available for conversation, then you can even do it while playing the game. The “Idle” indicates that you are “away from keyboard” but will respond when you get time.

In the DND “Do not Disturb” status, every message of calls you receive will not be notified to you. It’s a manual setting that represents you are not up for having the conversation. “Invisible” hides you from other users while keeping you logged into the Discord application.

The “Online” and “Idle” both are server control functions in which you can even access the “Idle” status manually. However, DND and Invisible both statuses are manually operational features that you need to activate if you wish to.

So activating “Invisible” is a completely manual task, and to activate it, you need to tap on your Avatar that located on the lower side of the display and then click on the “Invisible” option in pop-up section. After activating it manually, next time, when you want to disable it, you need to follow the same procedure and change your status. While activating it, you can keep playing games without letting any other user know that you are online on Discord. It is quite a great feature if you have numerous followers on Discord. Rolling up with features like these keep the Discord application superior from any other gaming application.

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