How to Access and Use Split View in Safari of an iPad

iPad includes a split view feature that lets you open and use two apps side by side on your iPad’s screen. However, the functions may not work with all the apps, but you can definitely take advantage of it in your browsing. That means you can open and work on two websites at a time on your iPad screen with Safari’s split view. For instance, if you want to view your email while chatting or doing anything else, then with the split-view feature, you can do this easily. The split view in Safari is not available in all iPad models or iOS version. Here is how to access and use the split view in Safari of an iPad.

Note: Split view in Safari works only in landscape mode.

How to access split view in your Safari browser

It’s easy to open Safari’s two tabs or windows on your iPad screen at a time. You don’t need to do any extra settings for this. The option for opening Split View is given directly in the browser. Here are the steps to get it.

  1. Make sure your iPad is not in the portrait mode.
  2. Now, launch your ‘Safari.’
  3. Tap the ‘Tabs’ icon near the upper right corner of the browser window and hold for a few seconds. You’ll see a pop-up menu with the ‘Open Split View’ option.
  4. Select ‘Open Split View.’

Two Safari windows will now open side by side on your iPad screen.

Tip: If you have a keyboard attached to your iPad, then you can also press the ‘CMD+N’ buttons to access Safari’s split view.

How to open a link directly in the split view

While browsing, if you got a link that you want to open in the split view, then follow these steps.

  1. Launch your ‘Safari.’
  2. Locate the page that has the link you want to open in the split view.
  3. Tap the link for a few seconds.
  4. Select ‘Open Split View’ in the pop-up menu.

The link will instantly open in the new Safari window in the split view. You’ll now see two Safari windows on your iPad screen, one with the first web page and another with the webpage of the selected link.

How to open a tab in the split view

Instead of switching between the tabs, you can open them in the split view to make your work easy. Here is how.

  1. Launch your ‘Safari.’
  2. Decide the tabs you want to open in the split view.
  3. Now, tap and hold that tab.
  4. Drag the tab toward the right or left wherever you want to open it into the split view.
  5. Drag it toward your desired side and release.

That’s it! Your tab will be opened in the split view.

How to close or merge Safari’s split view

Closing the split view is much simpler than opening it, as well as you’ve various ways to do so. Moreover, Safari also gives you a choice to merge tabs and close tabs. If you just want to exit from the split view without closing the tabs of a Safari window, then you can choose ‘Merge Tabs’ or choose ‘Close Tabs’ to close all the open tabs of a Safari window and exit split view. Here is how.

  1. Decide the Safari window you want to merge or close from the split view.
  2. Now, tap the ‘Tabs’ icon near the lower right corner of the Safari window you’re going to merge or close. Doing so shows you several options for tabs in a pop-up menu.
  3. Select ‘Merge All Tabs’ to exit the split view and open all tabs in normal view.
  4. Or, select ‘Close All Tabs’ to close all the tabs open in that Safari window and exit split view. 

Tip: You can also tap the ‘X’ icon of any of the Safari window opened in the split view to close its entire tab and exit split-view instantly.

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