Best Offline RPGs for iPhone

Mobiles games had traveled a long way since its first days when it was available in the form of simple games with unimpressive graphics. Nowadays, mobile games are coming with extraordinary graphics and visuals, giving perfect user experience as a lot of innovations have been made to improve the quality of these games. The fan of online gaming spend several hours immersed in mobile games, but the majority of these games can only be played if there is the availability of uninterrupted internet. Imagine the situations when you are traveling and getting bored due to the network problem on your phone. You should know that several games are available for the iPhone that does not require Wi-Fi. Some incredible games available for your iPhone without Wi-Fi are the following:-


This game is entirely different from those online games where you have to save the world from extinction by playing a lead role or slay the dragon and also save the princess. In Evoland, you will start the game by playing a virtuous 2D character who has limited powers and whose abilities are restricted. Still, when the game continues to progress, some advance mechanics continue to open, and finally, you will land into the world of 3D technology, almost like every RPG. This game is an exciting journey that gives you a wonderful glimpse of the action and adventure of mobile gaming, graphics, and technology. This game is highly entertaining and of course available to play even if there is no internet.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the lions

The game was highly praised for its tactical gameplay with creative storytelling and somewhere quite akin to Nintendo’s Fire Emblem. This game was one-of-a-kind in the series of strategic role-playing, which was plotted in Ivalice, a kingdom of seven undivided territories. This kingdom has been caught into a war where two factions are fighting to get the rule of the nation. The main character Ramza Beoulve who is a respected member of House Beoulve, has been caught into this unpopular war and later comes across the evil intrigue and exposes it. The gameplay has been featured in the form of battles fought on a map, which is divided into a grid where you can play under some limitations. You will get the obstacles while combating in the form of terrains and uneven elevations.

Baldur’s Gate

This game could be termed as the landmark in the world of RPG games, which was designed for Windows and Mac, but later it was made available for iPhones also. You will get immersed in this game while uncovering secrets and revealing the other happenings of the world. When you start moving on in the game, the quality and visuals start enhancing, giving much fun and more significant user experience. You will enjoy the high-resolution displays on the widescreen along with getting the facility to play with many people on multiple platforms.

Monster Hunter Stories

You will get an exciting and immersive storyline along with a fantastic combat system in which you will get four types of distinctive weapons to fight with your enemies. You will also encounter several factors which you to deal with in which you want to win the game. These factors could include power and speed, along with a lot of other content to entice you. The improved version of this game has been unwrapped with a lot of innovations with the introduction of a new style of combat and beautiful graphics.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This game was introduced for the PCs and consoles but now is available on the iPhone also, and you can play it offline as well. It has a captivating story in which your role will be of a new soldier of the republic, which keeps you thrilled. In the part of a soldier, you have fought against the evil, and so it could be concluded that it is a game revolving around the battle between good and evil. While playing as the soldier, you are last hope who could save the galaxy from the evil Sith, and here begins the whole thrill of this game.


It is a puzzle game in which you are playing as a boy searching his sister who has been lost, and while the whole of finding your sister, you have to solve brainstorming puzzles. You have to navigate through many platforms while fighting and beating monsters, which is great fun to enjoy the time offline when the internet is not adequately available.


Lifeline is one of the few online games that are text-based in which you have to do a lot of interaction from a character Taylor who is an astronaut. This game is very much exciting and adventurous as you have to perform all the tasks which could save the life of Taylor on an alien planet. You have to help him by giving commands such as where to sleep or eat or how to interact with the unknown people.

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