Best Add-Ons for Gamers on Kodi

Kodi is known for its free and open-source media streaming services. Users can watch streaming media like videos, podcasts, movies, TV shows, music, etc. But one of its lesser-known facts is that it can be used for gaming because Kodi has a built-in game manager, game launcher, and a library filled with a fantastic collection of games. If you want to enjoy a phenomenal gaming experience, you must connect Kodi with some highly-integrated add-ons. 

To make your task easy, below, we have listed the best add-ons that should be on your wishlist.


RetroPlayer is the latest feature on Kodi that allows you to play old games on their services. But you must have the updated version of Kodi, i.e., 18. It uses code that emulates the old gaming systems. Since RetroPlayer is still in the Leia development branch, you have to test the latest build in Windows, Linux, or OSX. 

ROM Collection Browser

If you keep adding new games to your collection, you’ll need this add-on to check, manage, and launch games. It will reduce the need to jump between multiple apps and tools, as it will bring all the solutions in one place. This add-on will scan all the folders and import games to your local database. You can filter the games by different categories like genre, year, console, and publisher. It will also allow you to launch game rooms, get a full-screen video browser, and more.

The Internet Archive ROM Launcher

If you want to play games from the MAME Arcade, ZX Spectrum, and MS-DOS collection, then you’ll need the Internet Archive ROM Launcher add-on. You can access games from the libraries mentioned above via the browser. This add-on has a DMCA exemption that archives the vintage software. When to want to play the games on Kodi, you’ll require a suitable emulator. 


Twitch initially came out as a video streaming service, but later it emerged as a hub for gamers. Amazon owns the services, and it has now become a popular spot for playing games, watching esports, chat shows, movies, and more. It is now available as an app in the official Kodi repo. If you want to enjoy its features, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Add-Ons section on Kodi.
  2. Click on Install from Repository.
  3. Head to Kodi Add-On Repository. Select Video Add-ons and tap on Twitch.

Steam Community

The Steam Community is a central hub for gaming as it offers live streams, artwork, reviews, screenshots, mods, etc. on their platform. On Kodi’s Add-ons section, they brought some of their features but kept their primary focus on live streaming. This means the gamers can switch to any gaming or gamer’s feed without leaving their Kodi interface, but it only supports public streams. You can filter your gaming preferences based on language, popularity, and video. Along with that, you can find your favorite games quickly from the search bar. 


Users who don’t want to fall into the emulators and add-ons trap can switch to standalone Kodi games. It is a very simple puzzle-like game where you have to connect all the terminals. It is so easy that newbies can play it too. You can play this game on any touchscreen device or a desktop using a mouse. It is available on the Programs Add-ons section under the official Kodi repo.

Kodi is still under development but can provide a good bunch of games. Always make sure that you have a suitable emulator, launcher, etc. for the games or gaming library you choose to play.

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